Behind the Scenes: GMBU

Go behind the scenes with me on the set of Good Morning BU! BUTV10’s first live news show! Watch Friday mornings at 10am est.

All footage recorded on iPhone 6 plus, edited on iMovie.

What do I do on GMBU? 

As a producer on Good Morning BU, my Friday mornings are filled with last minute script editing, making sure all my on air talent is prepared and ready for their segments, meeting with interview guests, adjusting the format of the show, setting up the studio, and answering every question that comes my way as the crew prepares for the show. And that’s all before we actually begin the show. During the live shows I act as Stage Manager, communicating the words of my director to my on air talent as we go live. My job is not an easy one, but it is one that I enjoy endlessly.

Capturing and Editing Footage:

On this particular Friday morning, I started recording footage on my iPhone when I arrived in the studio.

I attempted to take video footage of the writer’s meeting (Thursday night) and when writer’s arrived early Friday morning to update their scripts, but the video did not capture the hard work of writing as well as I would have hoped. Instead of showing my writing staff researching stories and bouncing ideas off of one another, the video just looked like a group of people staring at their computers. I decided to scrap this footage almost immediately after taking it.

I recorded the footage much like it is shown in the completed video, short clips (10-20 seconds) in chronological order. I attempted to get a variety of shots as best as I could without interfering with my responsibilities during the show. I wanted to show GMBU from behind the scenes, the same way that I experience it every Friday morning.

I had intended to include sound of the news being read by our anchors and our other reporters to give the video more context, but unfortunately the sound quality of the videos was not very good. you could hear other voices during my recordings that took away from what the video was showing. After realizing that the audio was not where I wanted it to be, I decided to use YouTube’s free Audio Library to add music to the background of the video.

To edit the video together I used iMovie. Although I prefer Final Cut Pro to edit videos, I was unable to go to COM to use the editing labs and decided to use the iMovie software on my own laptop. iMovie and Final Cut Pro are very similar editing programs so I was able to edit the video easily. (Although as anyone can tell you editing video can take a long time, no matter how easy it may seem).



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